Wednesday, February 11, 2015

HR gun sound mod 1.95

I love you, Mae <3
Mahal kita. <3

New in 1.95
-Lot's of sounds has been enhanced by adding some sounds from War Thunder. This includes:
American 120mm guns(except for M58 and T179), most long 90mm guns with penetration at atleast 170mm, 100mm french guns, 107mm guns, Japanese 75mm Type 4(and higher tier) guns, and 105mm artillery guns. Also improved the 122mm D-25 gun sound, but it's barely noticeable,
-Changed sounds of 45mm and 50mm guns
-New sound for large caliber shells'(below 152mm) explosion, as they previously sounded the same as high caliber shells hitting the ground
-New tank hit sound for artillery shells, to make them sound more scary than they did before. Or I am not sure about this one. Please give feedback.
-New tracer sound for 105mm artillery
-Unique sound for 100mm LB-1 has been removed and changed to the one used for 100mm D10, as it sounded crap, and those guns are pretty identical anyway.
-Compatibility with 0.9.6

Download HR sound mod 1.95

Download without


  1. it seems there is an issue with the obj704 sound

  2. many thanks for updating ur great mod.

    just a little feedback:
    *85mm gun sound of KV-1 is quite loud in comparison to other guns and engines.

    *50mm/L60 gun sound of PzIII is a bit too low in comparison to other guns and engines

  3. is it still the same version or is it fixed (obj.704)? and i dont hear any sound if arty hits the ground...

  4. I don't have sound on the bl10 of obj704, it's normal ?